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  • Juste parti faire le tour du monde pendant 1 an...


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31 octobre 2008 5 31 /10 /octobre /2008 12:26
Un journal sans horoscope n'est pas un vrai journal...Je me suis dit que l'horoscope khmer pourrait combler la lacune de mon blog....

Je ne vous embete plus et vous souhaite un excellent weekend. J'ai rate mon bus vers le Laos ce matin mais j'ai trouve dans les rues de Phnom Penh une autre solution pour monter vers le nord du Cambodge qui est paradoxalement aussi le sud du Laos...

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Hallo Dede, sorry for the late reply but i've been traveling till yesterday(i'm back in australia)and for a while i've decided to travel absolutely free, even from internet.By the way, i saw your blog and i ve found it really impressive.Well done!This picture with the elephant was in phon pen, correct???I took a picture like this as well wheni was there...Was great to meet you, even cause you gave me a lot to think.I mean i met a lot of people traveling but they were all between 20 and 30 or over 60, already retired.You are just in betwwen, and that give o me a lot of hope for the future.Is really true, the mot important thing is to be open minded.I hope to meet you again and to share more time with you, but by the way, good luck for your trip and all the best.I'l follow you on the blog.CiaoAu revoir
<br /> <br /> Hello Ricardo, I tried 4 times to answer and at every time i mistake the last touch and the message was erased! so that time i wrote it in my yahoo mail before i send u...<br /> <br /> <br /> I left the elephant in Phnom Penh and spent a few days in the countryside of Laos. I was happy after to arrive in Ventiane to see people and best rate in internet exchange (skype is working<br /> here!)<br /> <br /> <br /> I thank u for your message sand saw your blog with lot of pictures !<br /> I hope we will meet again, may be in Australia? I will arrive in Perth on 16th of january<br /> <br /> <br /> Enjoy your trip et A bientot<br /> André<br /> <br /> <br />